Monday, January 17, 2011

my first BEL 120 class

Haha my first BEL class is really interesting. That day i woke up late in the morning because i thought that there's no BEL class yet because it's stated on the schedule that the one teaching is Mr.Bel. Who is that? Then i decide to play a while with my lappy. Downloading song and playing games till 5.30 am . I wake up at 9.30 and having some br4eakfast at anjung and suddently my friend Ridzuan text me  something like this.
                               "BEL  ADA KELAS DATANGH CEPAT ! "

Then i rush over to class but it's too late T  T. BK 18 . number of the room stated. this number make my head thinking so many question. I stare at the door for 5minutes then finally i decided to enter the class even late for about 40minutes. When i enter the class first i saw is the new lecture "Miss Shafiqa" .

                                 "why are you late?"
                                 "mintak maaf miss saya sakit perut tadi"
                                 "class what did i said?i dont understand all languages except english"
                                 "ermm.. i just had aaaa stomachache"
                                 "did you having any breakfast this morning?"
                                 "yeah ~~ i did"
                                 "since you late you should introducing yourself to your classmate"

that's my first class. LATE . Miss Shafiqa make me read articles and so much thing that day as punishment. Im embarrassed a bit but it turn to be a ffun moment . :D